STARR Computer empowers students, teachers at AI education conference

4/30/20241 min read

AMIDST the burgeoning landscape of technological advancement, STARR Computer has emerged as a pivotal player in fostering educational excellence.

The recent inaugural Caribbean AI 4 Education Conference, held at the esteemed Princess Ramada and spearheaded by Camille’s Academy Inc., provided a dynamic platform for STARR Computer to showcase its commitment to revolutionising learning experiences.

Over the course of two immersive days, the conference attracted an impressive cohort of 300 teachers and 300 students from both government and private schools, with virtual participation further amplifying its reach.
Attendees were afforded the invaluable opportunity to glean insights from esteemed AI experts, including Nick Brown, CEO of the Empowering Earth Institute and The Intelligent Company, alongside Deputy Chief Education Officer (DCEO) Dr. Ritesh Tularam.

In a bid to infuse the event with palpable excitement and tangible support, STARR Computer generously donated a Lenovo Laptop, complete with a laptop backpack and surge protector, for the event’s raffle.
Additionally, all attendees were presented with a generous gift card valued at $2,500, further underscoring STARR Computer’s unwavering dedication to fostering inclusive access to cutting-edge technology.

Beyond its benevolent contributions, STARR Computer’s commitment to educational empowerment was palpable through its forward-thinking initiatives. The company extended invitations to schools for educational tours and seminars, offering students invaluable hands-on experiences with the latest technological products.

From smart classrooms to Electric Vehicles (EV) chargers and Artificial Intelligence (AI) products, these immersive encounters serve as catalysts for inspiring the next generation of innovators.
Encouraging schools to embrace all facets of development, STARR Computer champions the ethos of seizing opportunities amidst the transformative tide of the Fourth Industrial Revolution.

Through strategic partnerships, innovative solutions, and unwavering advocacy for educational advancement, STARR Computer continues to redefine the boundaries of possibility, propelling education into a future defined by boundless innovation and limitless potential.

Left to right: Penny Francis (STARR Computer Corporate Sales & Marketing Manager), Ms. Sabrina Ali (Raffle Winner Teacher), Marvin Daly (Technician), and Ms. Camille Deokie Gorakh (Founder/CEO of Camille’s Academy Inc.)