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I'm Ms. Camille Deokie-Gorakh, the founder and CEO, and I'm thrilled to welcome you to our online space.

Since 1996, Camille's Academy has grown from a small tutoring program in my garage to a respected educational institution with four locations across Guyana. Our core mission has remained constant throughout this journey: to provide a nurturing environment that fosters a love of learning and empowers students to reach their full potential.

At Camille's Academy, we believe in more than just textbooks. We cultivate well-rounded individuals who embrace diversity, possess strong moral values, and are equipped to thrive in an ever-changing world. Our curriculum is designed to ignite curiosity, spark critical thinking, and prepare students for academic success.

We understand that every student learns differently. That's why we offer a variety of programs, from traditional classroom settings to our innovative online learning platform. We also recognize the importance of parental involvement and strive to build strong partnerships between families and educators.

Whether you're a new family exploring your educational options or a returning student, I invite you to browse our website and discover all Camille's Academy offers. We are dedicated to providing a stimulating and supportive learning environment where your child can flourish.


Ms. Camille Deokie-Gorakh

Founder & CEO, Camille's Academy

About Us

We Strive for Excellence


Camille's Academy cultivates a nurturing environment that fosters curiosity and a love of learning. We empower our students through a well-balanced curriculum that ignites their potential and equips them with the critical thinking skills necessary to thrive in an ever-changing world.


Camille's Academy envisions becoming a beacon of academic excellence, renowned for nurturing well-rounded individuals who embrace diversity and contribute meaningfully to their communities.


Camille's Academy fosters a culture of growth and excellence through core values like curiosity, courage, and respect. This diverse and inclusive environment encourages students to ask questions, embrace challenges, and think creatively. Staff are valued and supported, fostering a vibrant learning community where everyone strives for excellence.

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"The best Learning Institution on the East Bank.”

- Amit Rajnarine

"Excellent school, professional staffing. Myself and sister attend Camille's Institute now I have my kids, nieces, and cousins attending, they are nothing else but happy and looking forward to school every day a whole new generation. I give her 5 stars. Keep up the excellent job, Camille and the staff. Number one on the East bank.”

-Mel Parma

“After the covid 19 came and all public schools closed, my son had no way of continuing his education. It didn't bother me at first as it was just 2 weeks then climbed to 1 month, so I became agitated and was advised to join Camille's Online Platform. BEST DECISION I made. His cognitive skills, his handwriting, response time, memory / retainance, and comprehension skills have improved tremendously... I would recommend this school to everyone."

-Drishti Gossai

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