IWD: 20 years later, and Ms. Polly continues moulding the minds of our future generation

3/8/20211 min read

Having amassed 20 years of teaching, Taramati Ragnauth, also known as Miss Polly, is still passionate about moulding the minds of our future generation.

The veteran teacher comes from a very humble family and is an only child for her parents. She joined Camille’s Academy, formerly Camille’s Institute, in 1998 as a part-time student while attending the Covent Garden Secondary School, where she wrote the Caribbean Secondary Education Certificate (CSEC) examination.

After that, she joined the Academy as a member of the team and became a trailblazer. Miss Polly’s teaching career started as a part-time Computer teacher from 2000-2001 and then transitioned to being a full-time teacher at Camille’s Institute at the age of 17.

She got married and started her family in her twenties and at the same time functioned admirably as a member of the Academy. As time progressed, she continued to elevate herself, and in 2014, she prepared her first set of students for the CSEC exams in areas of Social-Studies and English Language and continued on this path ever since.

To meet the demands of the many evolutions in teaching, she continued to further her studies in the field of Education, Business, and also courses in Guidance and Counseling. Ragnauth pursued an International Diploma for teachers with Cambridge University through the School of the Nations-Guyana.

Miss Ragnauth, having served the academy diligently for 20 years, was recently appointed a Director for the newly Incorporated Camille’s Academy.

Besides, she is the School’s Soesdyke location Administrator. She was privileged to be given the opportunity to participate in the Business Excellence forum for 2020, which was hosted by ActionCoach in Nashville, Tennessee.

In the same year, she received the ‘teacher of the year’ award for her dedication and commitment towards the Academy and for achieving 100% passes at the CSEC examination in Social-Studies, 91% in the English Language.

Currently, she has been nominated for the Employee of the year award at the BIZX-2021 and has also recently completed intense training with the Council for TVET in Guyana, which certifies her as a Competence-Based Education Facilitator.