Camille’s Academy introduces first school’s yoga programme

5/26/20242 min read

Waterfalls Magazine – Camille’s Academy Inc. (CAI), a distinguished private school in Guyana, has made waves in the educational landscape by pioneering the first school’s yoga programme.

This innovative initiative marks a significant milestone, as it establishes Camille’s Academy as the premier learning institution in Guyana and the wider Caribbean.

By integrating yoga into its curriculum, the academy aims to provide students with invaluable tools for self-care and self-awareness. This holistic approach not only promotes physical fitness but also cultivates mental resilience and emotional well-being.

Founder and CEO of the educational establishment, Ms. Camille Deokie-Gorakh introduced the programme just a few months ago, to help enhance the holistic well-being of the students.

Speaking to The Waterfalls, Human Resource Director of CAI, Kamini Latchman, explained that yoga sessions are conducted weekly at the school’s four locations— Lusignan, Daimond, Crane and Soesdyke

Latchman explained “The sessions are available for all levels from nursery to primary to help all our students build mental strength, their ability to focus and keep a calm demeanor. Yoga is not a compulsory part of the health and wellness curriculum so students can opt out of it if they choose to.”

The sessions are conducted by Ms. Teerandai Haripersaud– a dedicated yoga instructor. In an interview with local social media platform GTGimmicks, Haripersaud explained that yoga seeks to instill in students the profound benefits of cultivating inner peace emphasized that yoga serves as a pathway to inner tranquility– enabling individuals to navigate life’s challenges with composure and efficacy.

The instructor stressed on the transformative power of yoga, asserting that it fosters a harmonious union between the body and the mind.

She underscored the significance of incorporating yoga into educational institutions and commended Camille’s Academy for setting an example in the realm of holistic education for educational institutions both locally and regionally.

Haripersaud said: “What the school focuses on is for students to have some sort of restart of the day and they can have more energy and focus better in classes”.

Further lauding the school’s proactive approach towards prioritizing the holistic development of children, Haripersaud “I believe that it should be done in every school, yoga is being taught in the UK, in Canada, in the US, all across the world, both in public and private schools. So, Camille’s academy leading the way is an A plus,” she said.

At the core of Camille’s Academy’s ethos is a commitment to nurturing the overall health and wellness of its student body. The school has an existing health and wellness programme with plans to expand its initiatives, with courses slated to be launched soon.

Through these endeavors, the academy reaffirms its dedication to fostering a supportive and nurturing environment conducive to the holistic growth and development of its students.