Camille’s Academy cops top GMSA award for facilitating safe learning via online platforms during COVID-19

12/3/20232 min read

Waterfalls Magazine – For their swift introduction of a customized online learning platform and the provision of smart schools to facilitate safe learning during the COVID-19 pandemic, the executive team from Camille’s Academy Inc was on Wednesday presented with the top award for innovation and creativity by the Anniversary of Guyana Manufacturing and Services Association (GMSA).

The award was presented by the GMSA to the team of Camille’s Academy Inc (CAI) at the association’s annual dinner and award ceremony at the Marriot Hotel.

Speaking with this publication following the award ceremony, Director and Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of CAI, Camille Deokie-Gorakh recalled overcoming the hurdle of social-distancing to provide safe learning options for students of the academy.

Five members of the Board of Director at Camille’s Academy Inc. From Mr. Rabby Gorakh, CEO Mrs. Camille Deokie-Gorakh, Mrs. Polly Ragnauth, Ms. Kamini Latchman, and Dr. Vishnu Doerga

She explained that though the pandemic rocked the country and stymied physically classroom sessions, with the guidance of business coach and Founder of Action Invest Caribbean, Dr. Vishnu Doerga, who is also a director of the private school, CAI quickly adapted to the new normal.

The private school was one the first to lead the charge in the fast-paced innovation by introducing the first customized online learning platforms ( powered by Techlify Inc.

During this time, while classes were conducted online, two (2) new SMART schools were under construction at Lusignan, East Coast Demerara and Crane, West Coast Demerara.

“With the introduction of these two new smart schools, we moved from a traditional classroom setting to a more modern approach to educating our nation’s children. This integration of technology in our education programme is geared at making learning more interesting and interactive while providing a conductive and comfortable learning environment including fully air-conditioned “Smart Classrooms,” she explained.

CEO Mrs. Camille Deokie-Gorakh flanked by Directors Polly Ragnauth, Ms. Kamini Latchman

The CEO had explained that learning platforms were available from nursery to high school learners.

The businesswoman noted that, “The challenge with online learning, however, is that a significant number of students – about 40 percent – have no, or poor, internet connectivity.”

This hurdle, she said, “was surmounted by offering a self-study option where parents uplift worksheets and instructional videos and return same to be marked, followed by a one-on-one session with the students to review/reinforce the lessons.”

“Some teachers even opted for home visits during the pandemic to conduct assessments with students who had internet challenges, observing all COVID-19 protocols,” she said.

Camille’s Academy is the largest private school in Guyana with four (4) campuses and currently 1600 students with a staff composition of 120 employees.