Camille’s Academy celebrates 90% NGSA, 80% CSEC pass rate

11/29/20214 min read

Kaieteur News – Camille’s Academy Inc., the private school which boasts four locations in Guyana is living up to its motto “Strive for Excellence,” with students of the learning institution securing a 90 percent overall pass rate at the National Grade Six Assessment (NGSA) and 80 percent pass rate at the Caribbean Secondary Examination Certification (CSEC) examinations.
The school recently held its annual end of year, graduation ceremony, where over 100 students were presented with certificates and prizes for their outstanding performances at the NGSA and CSEC examinations. The ceremony which was hosted at the Ramada Georgetown Princess Hotel also saw several teachers of the school being awarded for their leadership roles in helping the graduates reach their feat. Education Specialist attached to the Ministry of Education, Dr Olato Sam was among the guests and other special invitees of the ceremony.

A proud moment: At centre: Principal of Camille’s Academy, Mrs. Camille Doekie-Gorakh stands between valedictorians Shavein Burnham (at left) and Omkar Haimpersaud (right).

Chief Executive Officer (CEO) and Principal of Camille’s Academy, Mrs. Camille Deokie-Gorakh told Kaieteur News that 42 students graduated for NGSA while 65 students were presented with certificates for CSEC. According to the Principal, the students performed excellently. She explained that: “Out of the maximum 527 marks at NGSA 2021, eleven candidates secured excellent performance ranging from 91-97 percent. Twenty candidates secured satisfactory performance between 80-89 percent, while seven pupils attained acceptable standards between 70-79 percent and four candidates were below the pass mark with 63-69 percent.”

As it relates to CSEC, Deokie-Gorakh stated that the total number of candidates graduated with CSEC was 65.

She noted that in the CSEC category, there were over 80 percent passes recorded in 12 subjects areas including Human and Social Biology which had 100 percent, Physical Education which also had 100 percent ,Agricultural Science which recorded 97 percent; Office Administration which had 96 percent, Integrated Science which had 91 percent and Information Technology which had 90 percent.
The Principal said that while 41 students achieved the minimum passes of 5 CSEC subjects, the top 20 students achieved between eight to sixteen subjects. She said: “Since the Academy Inc. has multiple locations, 2021 saw valedictorians from the Soesdyke, East Bank Demerara branch, Shavein Burnham graduating with 12 subjects which included 11 Grades ones and One Grade Two while Omkar Haimpersaud from the Diamond, E.B.D branch secured 16 subjects with 9 Grade ones, and 7 Grade twos.”

Other successful graduates within the top 10 included: Marcia Manna, who got 13 subjects; Tiffany Dasilva who also attained 13 subjects; Marissa Arjune got 15 subjects; Miranda Branche got 14 subjects, Shena Persaud who received 14 subjects; Ashley Ram who acquired 13 subjects; Leanna Hundar who received 13 subjects and Bindi Latchman who copped passes in 12 subject areas.
Meanwhile, the Camille’s Academy founder noted that the three (3) locations combined achieved an average of 80 percent passes overall, their newest location at Lusignan, East Coast Demerara secured an excellent pass rate of 90 percent with their top performer; Tai Panday graduating amongst the top 20.


Dr. Olato Sam Education Specialist attached to the Ministry of Education presents an award to best teacher of the year for CSEC, Ms. Susanne Dorsette.

During the ceremony, awards were also presented to top performers in various subject areas. This year, the Academy’s Math award went to a female student, Shavein Burnham who also copped prizes for Information Technology and Electronic Document Preparation and Management.
Similarly, Valedictorian Omkar Haimpersaud also took away the “Best Business Student” and the “Best Science Student” awards.

Mrs. Deokie Gorakh noted that every year as the academy awards their students for their excellent performance; the teachers are also recognized & rewarded for contributing to the overall performances as well.

This year, the saw 12 CSEC teachers receiving their “Outstanding teacher of the year” award for achieving over 80 percent pass rate in their subject areas. The Principal noted “Ms. Susanne Dorsett was awarded the “Teacher of the year for CSEC with 100 percent passes in Human and Social Biology and, 91 passes in Integrated Science and 80 percent passes in Biology.”
Ms. Stacey Austin was awarded “The Teacher of the Year” for NGSA 2021 with an overall pass rate of 90 percent.

The Principal noted that while many students encountered numerous challenges during the pandemic, there were two students who faced extraordinary challenges. She disclosed: “None can compare to a child losing her father due to an accident month prior to her examination. Despite many days feeling lost and broken, Leanna Hundar, persevered and continued to demonstrate true courage and resilience, even securing a place amongst the “top 10 performers for CSEC, 2021.”

She continued that another student who faced opposition but made it in the “top 20” dedicated his achievements to his mother who passed away due to a prolonged illness while awaiting his result. “Benkhai Langelier is a disciplined young man and the school pledged their support at the graduation to see him further his studies in whatever area he chooses to pursue,” the CEO added.

Deokie-Gorakh noted that despite several challenges, the Academy continues to grow and expand. The Academy is currently preparing 63 candidates for NGSA 2022 from four (4) locations; Soesdyke, Diamond, Lusignan and the newest location which opened its doors in September, Crane, West Coast Demerara and currently 75 candidates are registered for CSEC 2022.

Speaking further on the expansion, Deokie-Gorakh mentioned that her plan is to focus on the existing locations by supporting new team members with adapting to the systems and culture of the organization and by providing continuous training as the school moves towards completing the requirements for international standard (ISO) certification.