Camille’s Academy aims to foster youth leadership

–launches iLead programme for 500 students

4/21/20232 min read

IN an effort to produce well-rounded members of society, Camille’s Academy has launched the famous iLead programme in Guyana.

With four branches nationwide, the institution’s Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Camille Deokie, said that the programme will accommodate 500 students.

The curriculum will also teach the youths about key life principles and how effective leadership could change a society, in addition to assisting them in creating employment rather than running after it.

“We continue you to uplift each other, we celebrate each other and we support each other as one family,” she added, emphasising the significance of providing young leaders with adequate guidance in order for them to help steer Guyana in the right direction.

Deokie went on to say that in order for the next generation to “function effectively as you go out and make your mark into this world,” certain soft skills need to be recognised because it is just as vital as academics.

The iLead youth development programme offered at Camille’s Academy will be the first in the Caribbean. It is slated to begin next week and run for ten weeks.

Some of Camille’s Academy students (Delano Williams photos)

Deokie said that since it is important for youths to discover where they stand in society, the teachers would serve as a support system for them in the programme.

Dr. Shanti Persaud from iLead, in her remarks, urged students to not be scared to open up in the forthcoming sessions because the programme’s goal is to establish a “safe space” for everyone.

She then went on to say that although servant leadership is not as widespread as it should be, within the coming weeks, youngsters from all walks of life would not only be exposed to it, but will also be taught how to be leaders in their immediate environment.

She further reminded the youths not to let their age deter them because they are all leaders in some way.

By the time those young people complete their secondary education at Camille’s, according to Dr. Persaud, they will be prepared to face the real world and bring about change.

The iLead curriculum is comprised of values-based lessons created in conjunction with educational experts to help the next generation develop and practice their values and leadership abilities. It was inspired by the leadership of Dr. John C. Maxwell.

CEO of Camille’s Academy, Camille Deokie, second from the left, and Dr. Shanti Persaud from iLead, second from the right, along with a student and others doing a demonstration of what the iLead programme will be like (Delano Williams photos)